Build a Mentally Healthy Workplace

A symposium for HR professionals, business leaders & mental health workers

How to build a culture of well-being

With 1 in 5 people suffering from mental illness, the impact and cost to our workplace is increasing at an alarming rate.

Organisations are struggling to influence positive change in workplace mental health – and it’s the leaders who are responsible for prioritising the conversation.

To start the conversation and make change happen, you deserve access to the latest tools and knowledge to build a thriving organisation by providing support to your people.

The premiere 2019 Workplace Mental Health Symposium was the beginning of our journey to build a culture of well-being in all workplaces.

We are currently in the process of planning our 2020 conference and look forward to updating you shortly.

Get the tools, knowledge and resources to improve mental health and well-being in your organisation.

Ms Rhonda Brighton-Hall, CEO and Founder, mwah (Making Work Absolutely Human)
Dr Jennifer Bowers, CEO, Rural & Remote Mental Health (R & RMH)
Ms Gina Carlon-Tozer, Director, MindFit at Work
Ms Georgie Drury, Founder and CEO, SpringDay
Dr Kathryn Turner, Clinical Director, Mental Health and Special Services, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
Mr Andrew Douglas, Managing Principal, FCW Lawyers
Mr Aaron McCann, Energy Queensland, Finalist in AHRI 2018 Allan Fels Mental Health Award and Advocates for Mates in Energy
Mr James Hill, Energy Queensland, Finalist in AHRI 2018 Allan Fels Mental Health Award and Advocates for Mates in Energy
Professor David Kavanagh, Director, eMHPrac, School of Psychology and Counselling, QUT
Prof Tony LaMontagne, Professor of Work Health and Wellbeing, Deakin University

What's the real cost to Australian business?

When you look beneath the surface, poor mental health has a heavy impact:

  • Disability
  • Lost productivity
  • Stress and increased absenteeism
  • Overtime to cover sick-day absences
  • Increased attrition
  • Recruitment
  • Toxic culture

Mental health and workplace culture go hand in hand. By attending the 2019 Workplace Mental Health Symposium, you’ll leave feeling empowered and inspired to influence positive change.

Get the tools, knowledge and resources to better cater to staff mental health and well-being.

Absenteeism cost

$4.7 billion

Presenteeism cost

$6.1 billion

Compensation claims

$146 million

Source: Pricewaterhousecoopers



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