Professor Russell Roberts
Charles Sturt University

Living in Orange NSW, Russell has previously served as Director of Mental Health in Western NSW (encompassing an area of over 550,000 square kilometres with over 1,000 staff), on the NSW Mental Health Commission Advisory Council, as Director of Clinical Training at Griffith University, Queensland, as Head of School Health at Flinders University and as a Clinical Psychologist in rural South Australia.

He has an Executive Masters of Public Administration, a PhD in research and a Masters of Clinical Psychology. He is a board member of the Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Association, the Chair of the National Alliance for Rural and Remote Mental Health and incoming Editor in Chief of the Australian Journal of Rural Health. His current research interests are mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, models of primary mental health care, integration and leadership.

Between 2005 and 2012 Russell led the commissioning of $71 million of mental health capital development, including the workforce planning, recruitment and training of over 400 health staff in rural NSW. He has also led the development of a number of innovative, award winning initiatives such as the Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Program, the Mental Health Rural Outreach Service, and the Aboriginal Workforce Development Program. At the national level, Russell has conducted projects for the National Mental Health Commission and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Ms Sharon Leadbetter
Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

Sharon is a Workplace Wellbeing Specialist and has held roles in the mental health, community/public health and health promotion sectors in Australia, England and New Zealand. She has qualifications in Psychology and Health Promotion and specialises in preventative healthcare.

Sharon’s strengths lie in her passion and enthusiasm for bringing different groups together, engaging and building relationships with key stakeholders, communicating health information, working with culturally diverse communities, improving health and wellbeing literacy, advocating for best practice and creating opportunities. She also sits on several workplace sector advisory groups.

Ms Jessica Cranswick
Senior Manager | Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

Jessica Cranswick is a Senior Manager at EY and a registered psychologist with a Masters in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. Jessica has spent over a decade assisting organisations to apply psychology principles in the workplace to drive strategic business outcomes. At EY, Jessica helps equip her clients to navigate mental health in the workplace in changing corporate and social landscapes. Most recently, Jessica has led the development of a national mental health and wellbeing strategy for an Australian industry body, presented at conferences on the topic of mental health, written thought leadership on psychosocial risk management, and led projects with high profile organisations to uncover key risks and controls regarding employee mental health. Above all, Jessica is passionate about the role that the workplace plays in societal mental health.

Mr David Nancarrow
OzHelp Tasmania

For the past 20 year David has had a wide variety of counselling and professional experiences. He first started in the Education Department as a counsellor for primary aged children running programs about social awareness and behaviours. As child consultant David has worked extensively with Symbol and Sand Tray Therapy for child who have experienced trauma and family separation.  His work as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner involved working with couples who had recently separated and assist them develop workable parenting plans for the betterment of the children. A period of his work focused on assisting fathers improve their relationship with their children and partners. David developed the Core Value Therapeutic model in 2007 that has greatly addressed anger management, domestic violence, mental health issues and relationship breakdowns in clients. He has been a Regional Manager of a Mental Health organisation which utilized the ‘Boston Model’ of mental health recovery. David is now a workplace trainer for government, non-government and business sector.  His passion is to help equip people understand their mental health so they can be emotionally healthy living successfully and having lasting relationships.

Mr Marshall Couper
CEO of Loffty

Trained in international trade economics and finance, Marshall started his career as a New Zealand trade diplomat, spending 3 years representing New Zealand at the World Trade Organisation in Geneva. He then moved on to the UK where he worked at a US private bank and then a Swiss venture capital firm. For the last 20 years he has worked in venture capital and early stage health technology businesses in the UK, US, Australia and most recently New Zealand.  Marshall is a passionate social impact innovator and through Loffty (, a new workplace mental health platform, he is empowering employees to look after their own mental health and wellbeing. Loffty makes it easy for people to understand the big picture of their own wellbeing and to access personalised solutions to become healthier, happier and more productive. Loffty also helps organisations quantify the mental health and wellbeing of their employees and from the actionable insights it generates, organisations know how best to support their people.

Mr Ryan Ghisi
General Manager, Global People Programs, Xero Aotearoa

Ryan has worked closely with executive teams and boards at many large international organisations on strategy and initiatives that drive employee attraction, engagement and retention.

He has a passion for everything that impacts the employee experience, including recognition, wellness, culture, career and development, flexible working, remuneration and rewards and leadership.

Dr Stacey Jenkins
Associate Head of School, Charles Sturt University

Mr Jim Kelly
Director – Health & Safe Design, SafeWork NSW

Jim Kelly is the Director of Health and Safe Design at SafeWork NSW. He is responsible for leading a range of specialist areas including workplace health, engineering, ergonomics, mental health and return to work.

Jim has extensive experience across many industries leading regulatory services and human resource teams in workplace health and safety (WHS) prevention, injury management, and rehabilitation. He has worked with various Government organisations, large employers and small businesses striving for healthy, safe and productive workplaces.

Jim’s current responsibilities include leading the specialist Psychosocial Services Inspectorate and implementing the NSW Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy 2022.

Dr Peta Miller

Dr Peta Miller is a recognised national WHS and human factors leader. She has nearly forty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors in work health and safety (WHS) research, policy and practice. Her most recent professional roles include developing state and national WHS strategies and regulatory material.

She is currently leading the 2020-21 NSW public consultation process on a draft code of practice on psychological health and safety and is Chair of the Safework NSW Industry and Social Partners Working Group for the Regulation of Risks to Psychological Health. Peta is regularly invited to be the keynote speaker at national and international WHS conferences. In 2019 she was appointed as the independent human factors and organisational culture expert on the Nuclear Safety Committee advising the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Peta has ongoing research collaborations with a range of leading Australian universities on psychological health and safety, and WHS measurement and reporting. She contributes to the OHS Body of Knowledge and provides pro bono advice to mental health charities on health and wellbeing.

Peta has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics and Human Factors. Her PhD was on the effects of high workload on health, safety, satisfaction and performance.

Ms Camille Wilson
Director/Organisational Development Consultant, Grow Together/Benestar

Camille is a leading expert in workplace mental health, with over 8 years’ experience working in human resources teams across various industries, witnessing the importance of real and genuine mental health programs at work. Camille’s passion is derived from her own lived experience of mental health as a teenager and young adult and has continued this passion through studying psychology at UNSW and is currently part of the postgraduate program at the Brain and Mind Centre at USYD.

Camille has previously been involved in the Being Consumer Advisory groups for lived experience and is passionate about building awareness in lived experience and research, as exemplified by her ambassador work with Neuroscience Australia.

Most recently, Camille founded Grow Together Now to work with organisations to drive systematic change within workplaces and address the key problems that an organisation faces in the space through programs that understand change management and use the voice of lived experience to drive the development and design.

Ms Marian Spencer
Executive Director of Operations People and Culture, Black Dog Institute

Marian is an HR professional with over 20 years experience in general and human resource management in the NFP sector in Sydney and London.

She has specialist expertise in translating workplace mental health research into practice, and implementing evidence based strategies within a mental health and wellbeing framework that has established Black Dog as an employer of choice.

Marian joined Black Dog in 2013 and she is responsible for leading operational and people strategies and all workforce related issues she has a strong focus on staff engagement and wellbeing.

Prior to joining Black Dog Marian worked in the environment movement and policy development and advocacy, she was part of a small team which established an Australian public policy think tank, The Centre for Policy Development.

Ms Sam Popple
Director, Psychological Health Unit, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland